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Welcome to this little space on my artist website called: blog! I am the type of person that loves documenting my musical progress, creative projects and sharing some more personal insights with the people who support me the most: you. I hope that when you visit this tab you will gain more of an understanding of who I am as an artist, but more importantly, who I am as a person living everyday life—just like you. My life is blessed and I am so thankful I get to wake up every day having a real confidence in my purpose to create, educate, inspire and encourage others. I created this space to share, in more detail, about my musical journey, interests, struggles and joys while sometimes featuring the beautiful people I have the opportunity of meeting and creating art with along the way. I hope you subscribe to stay updated, come out to a show sometime and read my blog when you remember me from time to time that, "I am just a little person, one person in a sea of many little people who are not aware of me." Have you heard "Little Person" by Camila Meza? I am listening to that right now...thank you again for stopping on by.

Captured in Morro Bay, CA

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